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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.

Feb 14, 2019

Derek is comedian that likes to live in the uncomfortable moments of life when performing.  He brings up subjects normal people would never talk about out loud, except he's not normal, he's a comedian.  Well liked by audience and well respected by other comedians.  He has managed friendships with some of the biggest...

BLOG Derek Furtado - Comedy Psychology 101

Feb 14, 2019

Derek Furtado is what people say is comic's comedian, meaning he is respected by other comedians.  His energy on stage is infectious.  He has a passion for what he does and it shows.  We recorded two episodes on the day we talked to Derek.  The first one was with Maya Manion and Derek came by as we were finishing up....

BLOG - Patrick Collins "The Comeback Kid"

Feb 7, 2019

     One of the great things about this podcast is that everyone has a different story.  Whether they are a veteran or a newer comic.  While every path to comedy may be different, the passion for performing and making people laugh is the same in all of us.  Patrick started comedy when he was still in his teens.  He was...

Feb 6, 2019


Patrick Collins is not only a comedian but also produces some very successful comedy shows.  Pat had two starts in comedy, one at 18 and another one years later.  His early run in comedy he did open mics with comics like Patrice O'Neal and Dane Cook.  Growing up in an Irish family helps your comedy chops as well. 

BLOG - Colleen Galvin "My Mouth Gets Me In Trouble"

Jan 31, 2019

The first time I had seen Colleen perform was in Boston in 2002.  It was my first time at the Comedy Connection in Faneuil Hall.  Monday night was open mic night and the late great Kevin Knox was the host.  I recorded my set that night and I still have it.  Kevin's intro for me is still one of the best ones I ever...