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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.


BLOG The 2018 Rogue Island Comedy Festival PT 1

Mar 20, 2019

Before the 2018 Rogue Island Comedy Festival we had festival co-founder Katie Latimer on to tell us about it.  We had a fun conversation and really learned about the driving force behind the festival.  Ace reached out to Rogue Island Comedy Festival co-founders Katie Latimer and Doug Key and asked if we can come down...

BLOG Brian Beaudoin "I Like Pranks, But I'm Not Paying For Them"

Mar 14, 2019

There are comedians that get mentioned by our guests all the time, and some that get mentioned by several guests.  Brian Beaudoin is a name that has come up several times.  He is a major part of the Rhode Island Comedy scene.  Comedian, show producer, podcaster, he wears a lot of hats and he wears them well.  Brian...

BLOG Matty Blake - An Entertainment Renaissance Man

Feb 28, 2019

     I started this podcast because I loved hanging out with comics before and after shows, hearing stories of how they started and what they've done in their careers.  Ace and I have talked to a lot of people we both know.  I enjoy when its someone one of us doesn't know.  I did not know Matty Blake before this.  Ace...

BLOG Maya Manion "Meeah Likes Mashed Potatoes"

Feb 23, 2019

This was my first time hanging out with Maya Manion.  We live in a world of social media where you can connect with someone digitally long before you meet them in person.  Ace has worked with her before and spoke very highly of her.  She is well liked and thought of as very funny by a lot of comedians I know.  She did...

BLOG Derek Furtado - Comedy Psychology 101

Feb 14, 2019

Derek Furtado is what people say is comic's comedian, meaning he is respected by other comedians.  His energy on stage is infectious.  He has a passion for what he does and it shows.  We recorded two episodes on the day we talked to Derek.  The first one was with Maya Manion and Derek came by as we were finishing up....