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Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.


BLOG Brian Beaudoin "I Like Pranks, But I'm Not Paying For Them"

Mar 14, 2019

There are comedians that get mentioned by our guests all the time, and some that get mentioned by several guests.  Brian Beaudoin is a name that has come up several times.  He is a major part of the Rhode Island Comedy scene.  Comedian, show producer, podcaster, he wears a lot of hats and he wears them well.  Brian seemed to rise up pretty quickly in the Rhode Island comedy scene.  Ace and I were excited to talk with him.  He is a GREAT story teller, very funny.  Obviously we are an interview podcast so we ask questions.  Brian, being the ball buster he is would totally mess with me and give me one word answers on a few questions, then laugh his ass off.  He loves pranks people, he's just not going to spend money on it.  Brian and I have known each other but have not really worked together.  Ace has worked with him and they tell a great road story on this episode.  Even though he is a ball buster, you can't help but like Brian.  He's been such an important part of the Rhode Island comedy scene and has given a lot of people opportunities for stage time.  Someday people will be telling gig stories about Brian like they do for John Perotta.  We love you John!