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Behind The Funny

Jun 7, 2019

Ace and I are proud to put out our 100th show.  We discuss and play clips from our first three seasons.  Order of discussions and clips are:  1) 100th show w/ Scott Higgins 2) Diverse backgrounds w/ Joe Hebert, Steve Donovan, Matty Blake, Chris Zito 3) Heartfelt stories w/ Amy Tee, Phillip Anthony, Sue Costello, Poppy Champlin, Jess Miller 4) Controlling comics w/ Mike McCarthy, Charlie Hall, Frank O'Donnell, Stephanie Peters 5) Festivals w/ Jim McCue, Doug Key 6) Recording Environment w/ Mark Riley, Rhonda Corey, Steve Bjork 7) Funny Stories w/ Tony V, John Morris, Mike McDonald, Frank Santorelli