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Behind The Funny

May 29, 2018

     This was definitely one of the most interesting interviews we have ever done.  Martha was a former vaudeville performer with a lot of great stories.  Sister Imogene met Martha at the senior living center where Martha lives.  They appear together all over entertaining people with their stories and anecdotes.  A big...

May 25, 2018

Ace and I speak with James Washington, a young new comic who in short time went from open mics to New York City.  He's an ambitious young man with a lot of drive who has quickly moved up and is an audience favorite.  You'll quickly learn why during this conversation

May 9, 2018

Season 2 begins with a conversation with Zenobia Del Mar.  Though she's only been doing comedy a few years she has climbed the comedy ladder fast.  She performs on a lot of her own shows and has a loyal following.  It was a real interesting conversation getting to know Zenobia...