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Behind The Funny

Scott Higgins and Ace Aceto have 50 years combined of standing in front of crowds and making people laugh. Now they go Behind The Funny with entertainers in all stages of their career from national headliners, to comedy writers, to newer comics just starting out. Why did they start, what drives them, and what were some of the obstacles? Join Scott and Ace as they go Behind The Funny.

May 27, 2021

Rich Walker came up through the Long Island comedy scene with some pretty big names. He not only became a regular at NY comedy clubs, he quickly became a favorite at clubs all over the country. You can tell why from his quick wit and likability. Ace had worked with Rich before but Scott had not and they quickly hit it...

May 20, 2021

Long time friend Dave Russo joins Scott and Ace in the Acement this week. Dave was the inagaural winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and was on A&E's The Entertainer but how did he get his start. Dave was on the show where one of our hosts had his first time on stage, was it Ace or Scott? Check out Dave at

May 13, 2021

Comedian Tom Hayes joins us in the Acement this week. Tom has an amazing story. Lost a leg to cancer at 13, started in medical sales and using jokes to break the ice led to him going into comedy. He eventually won a Showtime regional comedy search. Who's the comedy icon he lost to in the national Showtime comedy search?...

May 6, 2021

Al Romas is this weeks guest in the Acement. Ace and Scott discuss Al's comedy career, his collaboration with Al Ducharme on The Two Dicks web series and how The Two Dicks isn't the best web search for a web series or podcast. Check out Al at . BTF merch available at