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Behind The Funny

Scott Higgins and Ace Aceto have 50 years combined of standing in front of crowds and making people laugh. Now they go Behind The Funny with entertainers in all stages of their career from national headliners, to comedy writers, to newer comics just starting out. Why did they start, what drives them, and what were some of the obstacles? Join Scott and Ace as they go Behind The Funny.

Mar 31, 2022

Carolyn Fox stops by the Acement, virtual-ly, and didn't have a lot of time but definitely made the most of it.  She was a female shock jock on 94HJY in RI and was one of the biggest in the country. We definitely need to have her back on. 

Mar 24, 2022

We were so excited to have Eric Hofer in the Acement this week. He started at Periwinkle's and instantly became a crowd favorite. Besides being a comic he became the owner of a comedy club, which he did not have long due to mishandling. He was very candid and open, he's just riding the wave of life.

Mar 17, 2022

Steve Halligan joins us in the Acement this week. Winner of the Beantown Comedy Riots, featured on the Headliner for Recovery Comedy and on the Addicts Comedy Tour. What turning point when he became a father led him to where he is today?

Mar 10, 2022

Corey Gee joins us in the Acement to talk about his quick rise in comedy and having to stop due to a conflict at his day job. Corey made a tough choice but after biding his time he made his return to the stage to pursue his passion.

Mar 9, 2022

Bill Simas joins Ace and Scott in the Acement to talk about his new comedy venture.  Coming April 2022.