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Behind The Funny

Scott Higgins and Ace Aceto have 50 years combined of standing in front of crowds and making people laugh. Now they go Behind The Funny with entertainers in all stages of their career from national headliners, to comedy writers, to newer comics just starting out. Why did they start, what drives them, and what were some of the obstacles? Join Scott and Ace as they go Behind The Funny.

Jun 30, 2022

Ace and Scott decided to release the previous episode with friend Tony V in honor of his opening for Bill Burr at Fenway Park in August. Tony is one of the best storytellers around. He has spent his career performing all over the country and working in movies and TV. Tony is definitely a comedian that is well...

Jun 23, 2022

George Hamm dials into the Acement from the wilds of Maine. George is a great comic and a friend to many so we wanted him on for awhile. He has such a great story; serving in the Marines, starting comedy in Maine, taveling as far as China to perform. George was living a comics life. Like many he had internal struggles...

Jun 16, 2022

Nick Albanese returns to the Acement to discuss his new one man show "Buddy: One Last Night". When Nick was young people called him Little Buddy because of his resemblance to Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci. After building a great reputation as a comedian and an actor, who better to put on this type of show then Nick....

Jun 9, 2022

We loved having Howie Mason in the Acement, nevermind the fact he brings gifts. Howie stays busy with shows so it lends itself to some great stories. We start with catching up since covid and end with a story straight out of Scottober. Help out comedian Artie Rob here Check out Howie at

Jun 2, 2022

Scott and Ace are in the Acement this week and decide to check in with their good friend Mary Ellen Depetrillo. Mary Ellen moved to Florida 6 months ago and already has built comedy shows and fundraisers, in fact Mike Murray is with her doing shows so he joins us.