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Behind The Funny

Scott Higgins and Ace Aceto have 50 years combined of standing in front of crowds and making people laugh. Now they go Behind The Funny with entertainers in all stages of their career from national headliners, to comedy writers, to newer comics just starting out. Why did they start, what drives them, and what were some of the obstacles? Join Scott and Ace as they go Behind The Funny.

Mar 30, 2023

James Firth and Derrick Fonseca join Ace in the Acement while Scott's away at a gig.  We catch up with the two younger comics talking about day jobs, comedy after the pandemic, and where stand up is going.  Go to to buy us a coffee or a bourbon.  Get your BTF gear at 

Mar 23, 2023

 Ace & Scott talk to Mike Keller (owner of The Comedy Bus) and old friend of the show Brad Pierce. We've invited Mike on to talk about his new venture, The Comedy Bus, he started last Fall in Providence, and what his plans are for the future of it. It's only been a few months since Brad's been on, so you know he has...

Mar 16, 2023

Anthony Smith aka Mr Kuze' (Koozay) is in the Acement this week, talking about comedy, becoming a show producer and where the name Mr Kuze' comes from and what it means. Anthony works his but off on his kraft, so what drives him?  Check out Mr Kuze' at Go to 

Mar 9, 2023

Tyler Boeh joins us in the Acement from Portland.  Tyler started in Portland, worked his way up there, in Boston, LA, and is now based back in Portland as a national touring headliner.  Scott and Ace reminisce about working with him and discuss his start and the differences in all the comedy scenes his been a part of....

Mar 2, 2023

Sal Votano recently worked with Scott so it was a perfect time to have him in the Acement.  Sal started comedy when he was older and was immediately liked by Boston's finest and has become a go to act.  What drew him to comedy, how to he get started?  Check out Sal at Go to