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Behind The Funny

Scott Higgins and Ace Aceto have 50 years combined of standing in front of crowds and making people laugh. Now they go Behind The Funny with entertainers in all stages of their career from national headliners, to comedy writers, to newer comics just starting out. Why did they start, what drives them, and what were some of the obstacles? Join Scott and Ace as they go Behind The Funny.

Jul 23, 2020

PJ Thibodeau is a well liked, well established New England headliner.  He rose up the comedy ranks quickly.  PJ's fast wit helped his quick start but once he developed his patented story telling, he was an instant crowd favorite.  As with a lot of comics, the extremely likable PJ has a dark side.  Ace and Scott have known PJ awhile and enjoyed finding out what drive's him.